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Planning a Christening Party

Party's about to end. Time to have a family photo. :)

We normally don’t do parties. I mean catered parties. We do love get-togethers though. Pero the ones we had were usually eating out in restaurants, or hanging-out at home then pa-deliver ng Shakey’s pizza, Amber’s pansit and barbeque, or KFC bucket. For kids’ parties naman, we had a few fastfood/resto parties, but mostly we either went to a play yard or pool, and just had food delivered. But catered ones, my husband and I only had it twice, our wedding in 2006 and our firstborn’s baptism in 2007.

So fast forward 11 years later, we were faced with a choice of having a simple restaurant dinner or a big event. Our initial plan was to just have dinner with very few guests. But then, when we started choosing whom to invite, unti-unti nang humaba na yung list. So we decided: “Big event na lang. Last na naman to.”

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