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Birth Story 4 – The Last Chapter

Our fourth child, Ysobel.

This is the birth story of my fourth child. For this story, I’d like to start days before the actual labor day. You see, the waiting game felt really long this time. One reason was that I expected her to be born earlier than the expected due date, which was July 5. And each day past this date felt longer. For days, I did a lot of walking, much more than in any of my first three pregnancies. I walked almost every night with my husband. I walked in the mall. I climbed the stairs. I even danced with my kids while watching Saskia’s Dansschool in Youtube.

Aside from walking, I also did some ‘turning’ exercises. I felt that she was facing forward because the shape of my tummy wasn’t round. And I’ve read that with this position, there is a higher probability of having cesarian. I would do my best to avoid that. I knew that I had good chances of having my third VBAC, and this position felt like a threat to that.

July 9, 2017. 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

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