Laughter Through The Years

Last month, my husband and I celebrated our anniversary. We’ve been married for 11 years and together before that for 7 years. To commemorate this special day, my husband posted this in his instagram account.

It was a coincidence that, a few hours before he posted this, I had a Trollbeads glass bead reserved. It’s from the Spring Collection “Kindred Spirit”. I chose the bead called “Love and Laughter” particularly because it was a really good way to describe our relationship.

Trollbeads Love and Laughter. Image from

Of course, there are a lot of other things that I value in our relationship. Faith, teamwork, sacrifice, communication, love… but humor has a special place in our hearts.

Why do I think humor is important?

It lightens the mood. This is very helpful to people like me who always take things seriously. It makes a person enjoy the present.

It breaks the walls of self-consciousness. You know those weird faces and even weirder sounds you make when you laugh hysterically? How about those “I gotta pee” moments? It actually feels nice to not care about those things at all.

It makes you feel younger and brings you back to the time when you were just starting. (In my case, it’s passing our exams or finishing our projects.) And then it makes you realize that you are still together after many years. And it then makes you braver to face the future as long as you’re together.

It refreshes your soul. After a really hearty laugh, you usually end up tired (or your stomach hurts),  but you also feel light and recharged. Yes, your concerns are still there, and yet you feel stronger.

When people ask “what makes relationships work?”, humor is very unlikely to be the top answer. But, if it were a person, I’d like to imagine it as someone who does not care whether it gets top spot or not. It’ll just be doing what matters most – which is supporting the relationship.


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