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Planning a Christening Party

Party's about to end. Time to have a family photo. :)

We normally don’t do parties. I mean catered parties. We do love get-togethers though. Pero the ones we had were usually eating out in restaurants, or hanging-out at home then pa-deliver ng Shakey’s pizza, Amber’s pansit and barbeque, or KFC bucket. For kids’ parties naman, we had a few fastfood/resto parties, but mostly we either went to a play yard or pool, and just had food delivered. But catered ones, my husband and I only had it twice, our wedding in 2006 and our firstborn’s baptism in 2007.

So fast forward 11 years later, we were faced with a choice of having a simple restaurant dinner or a big event. Our initial plan was to just have dinner with very few guests. But then, when we started choosing whom to invite, unti-unti nang humaba na yung list. So we decided: “Big event na lang. Last na naman to.”

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Good Experience and Better Choices in My Baby Planet

This pregnant mama is excited because My Baby Planet Ph is finally here! I am so glad that I still get to experience shopping for the little one in the oven. Nakahabol pa considering na last baby na to. 😊

The store officially opened last Sunday, March 19. I am grateful to my husband for bringing me there on opening day. He knew just how excited I was of this new store. On the outside, I was just smiling while observing people and looking at items, but on the inside, my brain was in giddy mode (from thinking “ang cute nito” to screaming “ay meron nito dito!”) Hahaha!
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